Week 1

Monday 30/01/06 11:00

Arrived at London Heathrow Terminal 1 at 07:35 and left from Terminal 3 for Singapore

Tuesday 31/01/06

Arrived in Singapore safely at 07:40.

The flight to Singapore was approx 12 hours. I saw four films so it didn't feel that long. There was a choice of about 40 channels to watch and a gameboy handset for a few games as well which was good. I watched 'The Italian Job 'twice 'coz it was good and 2 Reese Witherspoon films, her new one about the girl in the coma and an older one I think is called 'Election'.

This flight was the most turbulant one I've been on. It went on for about 6 hours constantly.
When we got breakfast Nuala poured the milk over her cereal without taking the seal off of them (milk everywhere), then got her coffee and instead of sugar, put her pepper in it, and during a nasty bit of turbulance spilt most of her orange juice down her front, then tried to fasten her seatbelt with half of mine leaving me with one bit (sorted that out though). It was very amusing (probably just for me though)

Arrived in Singapore, filled out an immigration form and we are in. Took a $35 Limo from airport to hotel, jet lag set in and missed most of the first day. Went down to the restaurant in the hotel and had some lovely food, service was excellent. After dinner went through to the lounge, it was covered from top to toe with Arsenal football pictures, had a tiger beer. The rest of the night didn't get much sleep at all, Nuala went to make a cup of tea about 4am, but there were ants all over the tray (so didnt bother).
Wednesday 1/2/06 08:00

Haven't really slept since I arrived. Was sitting at the pool, been up and about since 6am. It's only 29 deg here but there might be rain storms later.

The Hotel Elizabeth is very grand, pool outside, gym in basement.
Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth Elizabeth

Had breakfast and left for Orchard Road to see if we could find the city tour...oh yeh, while I remember, I tried to exchange some money at the bank in Singapore but because it was the Royal Bank of Scotland they would not accept it. (eventually went to a money exchange in the street and got quite a good rate for it). Went on the tour $8 for a day ticket, not very informative, stopped off at Raffles Hotel, walked about a bit (very disappointing) just a load of shops we can't afford, and the actual hotel bit you could only go in the reception area, so went back to the Long bar renowned for its Singapore slings and monkey nuts, where you throw the shells on the floor. The bill came to $39 for 2 slings, quite tasty, cost a fortune for what you got, wrote my postcards and slung our hooks (good one eh! Sling....slung...I don't know where I think these up from).

Managed to get sunburnt. It was supposed to be thunder storms so I didn't wear a hat. No thunder storms just sun!
The city itself is very western orientated everyone speaks english very rich feel to it .

Went on riverboat cruise of city this told us more history of Singapore, it was good. Not too keen on boats but did it anyway.
When we got on the first bus we heard Scottish accents and it turns out that it's the cousin of a couple at the bottom of my street (George and Elizabeth Allen). How small is the world, anyway, on the way back to the hotel we got lost so we got in a taxi, we were only one street away it cost us $4 about 1pound 40pence

Thursday 2/2/06

Last day in Singapore. It's been in the 30s since we arrived.

Had a great sleep last night on and off 'till about 5am when both Mari and Andy-h- sent me texts, Mari to ask when I left on my trip (well I'm on it) and Andy to ask for our lotto numbers, so both important stuff for that time in the morning, cheers guys. Ha Ha.

Got up about 7:30am had a cup of tea in the room then went down to the hotel shop to buy lots of expensive presents for all my friends. Had breky then headed down Orchard Road to find a Tiger FC football top for Andy, wee bit chilly now but still shorts and t-shirt weather. Walked from one end of the street to the other, been in every sports shop from Man UTD, Arsenal, adidas, puma, nike and a number of strange ones. Nobody in Singapore sells a Singapore football top for any league or even on a national level (very strange), sorry Andy, it's a fridge magnet instead.

Got back to hotel and sat at pool for a while. In 3 or 4 hour we will be flying out to Australia (Melbourne) at 11:40pm tonight, this will be the start of the trek 'cos no more Hotels, can't wait

Got a taxi to the airport this time $19. Went to an Italian place at the airport, walked round a few shops then went to gate 24 (EMPTY) too early, but at least we can get through first this time 'cos I hate waiting in huge queues.(Got on the end of a huge queue again)
Friday 3/2/06 11:15

(Landed 10:05). Arrived safely in Melbourne and have a hostel booked and a free bus to it.
That makes me a proper traveller now
On the flight I fell asleep as we took off. Woke up 5 hours into the journey and had my dinner - Roast chicken, roast pots, veg, smoked salmon with some nasty ginger salad, jelly and fruit, a roll, crackers and cheese, and coffee. My cup was cracked so I had coffee all over my tray.
Saturday 4/2/06
Melbourne today at 11:46
Melbourne today at 11:46

mapThe Twelve Apostles In Melbourne now, we went on a tour down Ocean Road from 7am till 9.30pm, totally knackered but it was absolutely brilliant. Saw the 12 Apostles at Port Campbell (the standing stones in the sea). Met an Irish couple on the tour.
My tan is coming along nicely the weather is great, very warm.
Not too dear for things.

Might be doing the Neighbours tour on Monday, not definite yet. Karl Kennedys' band are supposed to play on this day and you get to meet them all.

Hope everyone is well and working hard.

Day 7
Sunday 5/2/06 13:00

Decided to move up to Canberra today but when we arrived at the Greyhound Coach station the last bus had left at 09:00. So it will be tomorrow now. Just spending the rest of the day in town. The area we were staying in wasn't the greatest but we will find a place here which looks like a better area.
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