Week 2

Monday 6/2/06 10:00

Have you ever had a Chinese girl in your bed? I have...(no, not a ladyboy)

Stayed in another hostel last night in Melbourne, 1000% better than the last one.
Went into the pub next door to it and had a couple of drinks and met a couple from Linlithgow, spoke to them for the night.
Everyone seems to be coming down from Brisbane to Adelaide and Perth but it gets hotter the way we are going.

We were the only ones in the room when we arrived so as normal I made my bed up with the sheets and things straight away, then when we went to the pub and came back three hours later there was a Chinese girl in my bed fast asleep, so I had to make another one so I just put on the lights and made as much noise as possible but she still didn't wake up, also this morning made lots of noise from 07:30 onwards. Nothing... I think she might be dead.

Well, heading up to Sydney tonight at 20:00 aussie time takes 12 hours so won't have to get a hostel and it only cost me $63 with my youth hostel card - DOUBLE BARGAIN.

Think we are going to spend at least a week in Sydney 'cos there is lots to see and do.
We didn't do the neighbours tour.
Monday 6/2/06 13:00
Lying on St Kilda Beach with a very pleasant 22 degrees.
Info: Cosmopolitan St Kilda Beach is one of Melbourne's most popular attractions. During the summer months it's the venue for many events including volleyball, triathalons, outdoor promotions, cycling and in-line skating. St Kilda beach is home to the famous St Kilda pier and is close to many cafes restaurants, speciality shops, and of course Luna Park.

The St Kilda trip ticket cost $6.10 on the tram from the city. Beautiful weather, lovely seaside kind of town, it's got the same seaside smell as Campbelltown (if you know what that smells like). In St Kilda, with the the help of the Googlemaster, (or as i like to call him DAD), I'm told it's between 22 and 25 it feels warmer, but there's a sea breeze coming in. The scenery is spectacular and it's dead peaceful.....Did I say peaceful, the wind just stormed in, sand everywhere, I think I've just been pebble-dashed. Headed into the restaurant for shelter and food.
When the wind went away we headed back on the No.96 tram back to the city. When we arrive back at our stop, the traffic police were checking for people not paying. Guess what ... yes, that's right, my ticket was not validated on the tram, the machine didn't do it's job and I was told that under the Australian Transport Laws I was breaking the law and spent the rest of the day in a cell.

Only KIDDing. I explained to the inspector what the problem was and he checked it out on another tram and came back with my ticket (get it up you inspector man!)
Monday 6/2/06 20:00
Just leaving Melbourne for Sydney on the overnight Greyhound with a free nights sleep thrown in. Goodbye Melbourne...
melbourne at 20:00 on 6/2/06
View of Melbourne at 8 o'clock tonight as we leave the city.

Now at Sydney DAY 9
Tuesday 7/2/06 09:00

Just arrived in Sydney and have booked into the central AYHA hostel for four days.

It's like a first class hotel compared to where we had been staying previously. Can't get in till 10:30 so just having a walkabout at the moment.

Weather is dull and overcast at 20 degrees. We have been told that we are fortunate because it was an unbearable 37 yesterday.

The Youth HostelTuesday 7/2/06 13:30
We are in the official AYHA hostel, its right next to the train and bus services.($35 which is roughly 15quid). That's the dearest yet but it looks worth it. There's a Pool and sauna on the roof and internet access $3 about £1.10 for an hour. We have got a shared room just now only four beds, then for the rest of the time we are in separate dorms. We have paid up till Friday and I'm meeting up with my friend Fraser probably on Thursday evening.

We might go on a two day trip to the Blue Mountains which is supposed to be a fantastic sight.

The weather yesterday was 37, today the sun is still out but there is a good breeze so it's quite comfie.

DAY 10
Wednesday 8/2/06

Bought a bus ticket which lets us hop on and off around Sydney so have been visiting the sights.
Went to the aquarium, fishy, and also saw the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. It's not quite as good close up, it looks a bit plastic. (sorry Sydney). Went up the Sky Tower and did Oz Trek a virtual reality thing very good got some great pictures Then walked down to the Opera House, I was disappointed with this 'cos it was browny-yellowish NOT WHITE LIKE ALL THE POSTCARDS. Went through the botanical garden FREE, its right beside the Opera House and the harbour and this took us out at Hyde Park, its got a lovely fountain in the middle.

DAY 11
Thursday 9/2/06 am

We have another companion. Met a girl from London called Kelly so we asked her to join us in the bar and we went out together today.
Very warm but there is a pleasant breeze.
Sydney Tower
Had a great day today.

Must have walked about 5 miles today think I've lost a wee bit of weight. Got back to the hostel knackered, had a quick shower and changed and met Fraser at a bar called THE SLIP INN then went to Darling Harbour to another couple of bars then went to a eatery called WAGAMAMMA (or something like that) Japanese place, good food and a beer for just $20 less than a tenner. Headed into the city a bit to another couple of bars then finally ended up at an Irish pub that strangely was showing an Aberdeen v Rangers game on the tv. At about 11 ish headed home.
Fraser gave me a couple of tickets to a film that's at an open air screen but don't think I'll be able to go. I'm meeting him over the weekend again. Had an excellent day.

info: For the more upwardly mobile is the THE SLIP INN (pun doubtless intended) at 111 Sussex Street, which is a known haunt of the rich and the famous, as well as the more down to earth. The Slip Bar is the main bar, spacious with tables for those who fancy showing Tom Cruise how to play pool, and there are reasonably priced eats too from "Slip Thai". There is also the "Sand Bar", so named because it has a large sandstone wall at one end, an ideal place to kick back and relax, as is the al fresco "Garden Bar" which overlooks Darling Harbour.
DAY 12
Friday 10/2/06 11:00

Just doing my washing and recovering at the moment.
DAY 13
Saturday 11/2/06 20:15

Came down this morning to check out to be given another room and the guy just handed me my key card back (lousy b***er) as I've been up since 8am to make sure I had everything packed 'cos I didn't know what was happening today.
Ended up Fraser phoned today and took me to a couple of beach areas including Bondi Beach, smaller than I thought but a nice beach. Got burnt again but at least it's an all over burn now. I'll be tanned in three days time.
Met a Chinese guy in the room called Jay and a guy called Dave from England both seem nice and both talk too.
I've written some postcards today but don't know where to post them yet.
DAY 14
Sunday 12/2/06 10:40

After wandering about for three days thinking of things to see in Sydney, I remembered the book I got from my secret santa (Lee), so that has been good for information about things.
Hardly slept last night with my burntness, it's not bad today, just the back of my knees are still sore. Was meant to meet Fraser again at night but too sore. Went to the cinema tonight to cool down a bit and saw Memoirs of a Geisha (Its a chick flick, but it was still quite good)..
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